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We Are One Newlywed Journal

We Are One Newlywed Journal

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How did our love begin? Who said I love you first? What did we enjoy about the wedding? Where did we go for our honeymoon? This journal was created to allow you to record the memories of those moments, while also encouraging the newlyweds to think about the marriage beyond the ceremony.

 It is also equipped with information on what to expect during the different phases of marriage, a place to record marriage resources, blank space to sit down with your partner to write down future goals for your marriage, and journal pages for daily reflection. 

A successful marriage requires more than love to see it reach its highest potential. Many marriages that failed early were due to a lack of information, and a lack of preparedness. Allow this journal to not only be a place to record special memories about your union, but to also be a resource, and a motivation to always work together to safeguard the love that is special to you.

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