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(E-Book) How to Leave a Narcissistic Abusive Relationship With Little Money

(E-Book) How to Leave a Narcissistic Abusive Relationship With Little Money

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Title: How to Leave a Narcissistic Abusive Relationship With Little Money: My Personal Story and Suggestions

The realization about your relationship has kicked in. The facts are overwhelmingly evident that you are in a narcissistic abusive relationship. Your intuition is telling you that nothing is going to change, and you must get out ASAP! However, your pocketbook says it is financially impossible. You may be totally financially dependent on the narcissistic partner, or your income alone appears incapable of adequately providing for yourself or for your child/children and yourself.

The narcissist may also use financial abuse as a form of control to keep you feeling trapped, hopeless, and doubtful about your abilities to survive on your own. Therefore, you remain in the home while secretly hoping for a windfall of money to magically appear, or for someone to come and save you from your situation.

The truth is, no one is coming to save you, and your financial status does not have to be an obstruction. The author of this book, Nechelle Times, was in a narcissistic abusive marriage with children for many years. She started the journey of self-love and self-healing while still in the home. This journey eventually led her to the information she needed to successfully leave that marriage with truly little money.

She wrote this book to show other victims that it is possible to leave an abusive home with a limited income. Nechelle explains how by sharing her personal story, struggles, tips, tools, and the strategies she used to break free from years of pain and abuse.

Allow this book to be a guide, a resource, and a motivation to set yourself free from a toxic abusive home for good!

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