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Bubble Baths & Champagne Notebook

Bubble Baths & Champagne Notebook

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Picture this scene. You are relaxing in a nice warm bubble bath. Soft music is playing in the background. The melodious sound of the music allows your imagination to take you to a blissful place in your mind. After soaking the stresses of the day away, you put on something cozy, pour a glass of your favorite champagne, grab a pen and this notebook, then allow the pen to further explore that blissful place. 

The writing possibilities are endless. This notebook could also be used for affirmations, notetaking, journaling, diary entries, recipe creations, and more.

This notebook is 5.5x8.5 inches with 80 lined pages. It is perfect for the person that prefers a non-guided notebook style journal.

The front cover is glossy with spiral binding. It could easily fit inside of a backpack, briefcase, or a midsize purse.

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